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Salamis and Cured Meat
of Sardinia
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Traditional Sardinian foods include many different salamis and cold cuts. Some of the best locally produced meats are made in family-run businesses.

Other than pork salamis, traditional local delicacies include boar, goat and sheep sausages which are produced in a limited number of areas.

by Lucia - Sardegna
Sardinia salamis and sausages

Sausages, which are very important in Sardinian cookery, can be flavoured with garlic, pepper, fennel, wild garlic, vinegar or wine and used for stuffing and sauces.

Sardinian ham is made from the thigh or shoulder of mountain pigs and has a unique smell and fine flavour.

Boar ham is traditionally made in the towns of the Gennargentu Mountains and is perfect with carasau bread or pistoccu and the local Cannonau wine.

Mustela is lean pork fillet spiced like sausages and eaten and used in the same way as sausages.

 Sopressata [brawn] is produced in the region of Gallura and is made with lean pork meat and lard with salt and flavourings.

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Map of typical salamis and cheeses production