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Sardinia - The Beaches of

Torre delle Stelle










Panorama Torre delle Stelle
View of Cann'e Sisa bay




Genn'e Mari beach

The two beaches of Torre delle Stelle, South Sardinia, are ten minutes on foot from b&b Alchimissa. They can be reached by a path (Genn'e Mari) or by car without going out of the village (Cann'e Sisa).

  Genn'e Mari is a big white sandy beach with crystal and not very deep waters while Cann'e Sisa is a smaller sandy beach with shallow water. It is surrounded by a pine forest and offers everything a tourist would expect. The two kiosks are open until late and in the summer months organize theme nights.

 Cala Delfino and Cala Biscia are two small bays with characteristic rocks smoothed by water and wind. They can be reached on foot by steep paths but it is worth the effort. Here you'll be able to enjoy peaceand quiet and beauty of the sea.




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Sunset at Cann'e Sisa beach