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When to come

In Summer the island is crowded with tourists, but the south-east coast, with the exception of August, is normally as busy.

 Due to the high temperature the nature is not quite impressive

as at springtime but the waters of the sea are always clear and many

 trees of the bush are evergreens.

 The gardens are full of flowers from bouganville, hibiscus to

climbing plants with beautiful flowers.

Summer in South Sardinia is very long and September and October are still warm enough to go to the beach.

Autumn and Winter

Autumn and winter are very similar. In fact, in Sardinia there is no

real winter as the temperature never drops and on a sunny day

 can rise to 20°.

In December you can watch big flocks of birds which stop in Sardinia

before reaching the nidification places in Africa. It's really a wonderfull sight.


Yellow Acetosella flower

Euphorbia bushes in springtime

Ranuncoli flowers at Giara di Gesturi lakes

Torre delle Stelle in springtime

Flowers in May at Giara di Gesturi


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Maracalagonis country                 Birds in autumn  
Summer in South Sardinia
In South Sardinia the spring comes early with almond trees blooming at the end of January. But it is in the following months that the nature is at its best with its thousand of colours and tones.
 This is also the best time for birdwatching. There are 370 different species on the island ranging from pink flamingoes, hoopoes, cormorants, herons, partridges to hawks.
Spring is without doubt the best season to visit South Sardinia. The weather is mild and you can enjoy the garden as well as the peace and quiet of the beaches.
Between May 1st and May 4th it is worth visiting Cagliari where the day of Sant'Efisio, the saint who saved the city from leprosy, is celebrated by the locals.The parade is spectacular, with traditional costumes and local music and songs live.
Spring in South Sardinia